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Welcome to the 2013 CODECS Workshop



CODECS (COnvergent Distributed Environment for Computational Spectroscopy) is an interdisciplinary COST Action which aims at creating a network dedicated to computational spectroscopy, i.e. to the extraction of structural and dynamical features of molecular and supramolecular systems by in silico analysis of spectroscopic observables. The Action is organised in four Working Groups whose activities will cooperate to develop a modular, integrated computational tool for resonance, vibrational, and optical spectroscopies based on multiscale computational approaches in space and time, at quantum, semi-classical and classical levels of description of structural/dynamic molecular phenomena.

COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the oordination of nationally-funded research on a European level.   CMST is the action for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST).

For more information about the CODECS action, visit the web page.



Marķa Pilar de Lara-Castells

Instituto de Física Fundamental, IFF-CSIC, Madrid (SPAIN)

José Campos Martínez

Instituto de Física Fundamental, IFF-CSIC, Madrid (SPAIN).

Mar Reguero de la Poza

Universidad Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (SPAIN).

Malgorzata Biczysko

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Pisa (ITALY).



April, 18-22CODECS 2013 Workshop