MADRID, June 29-July 2, 2010

General Info

Talks (20 mins + 5 mins questions)

  • Jesús Aldegunde - Dep. de Quím. Fís., Univ. de Salamanca (Spain) spain
    "Hyperfine interactions in ultracold alkali dimers"
  • Gabriel Amaral - Fac. Quím., UCM (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "VELOCITY MAP IMAGING in photodissociation of molecules: real time and energy resolved experiments"
  • Malgorzata Biczysko - Univ. Napoli Federico II (Italy) italy
    "Non-covalent interactions in the gas phase: new insights from experimental and computational spectroscopy"
  • Laurent Bonnet -Inst. Scien. Mol. - CNRS (Bordeaux, France) france
    "Classical reactive scattering in a quantum spirit"
  • George M. Bruun - Univ. of Copenhagen / Niels Bohr Inst. (Denmark) Denmark
    "Clock shifts in a Fermi gas interacting with a minority component: A soluble model"
  • Silvia Cassasa - Dip. di Chimica, Univ. di Torino (Italy) italy
    "CRYSCOR, a computational tool for the study of electronic correlation in crystals: Features and applications"
  • Raluca Cireasa - Univ. Toulouse (France) france
    "Real time imaging of ultrafast molecular dynamics"
  • Fabrice Dayou - Lab. d'Etude du Ray. Mat. Astrophys. / CNRS / Obs. Paris-Meudon (France) france
    "Nonadiabatic dynamics on O2+O2 collisions"
  • Darío de Fazio - CNR-IMIP, Roma (Italy) italy
    "The hyperquantization algorithm: perspective of ab-initio quantum reactive scattering calculations"
  • Rebeca de Nalda - Inst. Quím. Fis. Rocasolano, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Molecular videos: watching chemical change with ultrashort lasers"
  • Sergio Díaz Tendero - Dep. Química Física , Univ. Autónoma Madrid (Spain) spain
    "Interferences between resonances localized in metal nanostructures supported on metal surfaces"
  • George Fanourgakis - IESL, FORTH (Greece) greece
    "A fast path integral method for polarizable force fields. Application to liquid water and ice"
  • Sebastián Fernández Alberti - CONICET, Univ. Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina) greece
    "Excited state nonadiabatic molecular dynamics: energy funneling in light harvesting dendrimers"
  • Jesús Fernández Castillo - Dep. Química Física , Univ. Complutense Madrid (Spain) spain
    "Ab initio potential energy surface and quasiclassical trajectory studies of the Cl+O3 reaction"
  • Nikitas Gidopoulos - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxon (UK) greece
    "Quantum mechanical description of vibrations in molecules and solids"
  • Begoña González Landín - SIANI , Univ. de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) spain
    "Genetic algorithms search methods and applications in molecular clusters"
  • Leticia González - Friedrich Schiller Univ. (Jena, Germany) france
    "Strong field effects in halomethanes"
  • Eva González Noya - Inst. Quím. Fis. Rocasolano, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "The stability of a crystal with diamond structure for patchy particles with tetrahedral symmetry"
  • Pavel Jelinek - Inst. Phys. ASCR (Prague, Czech Republic) france
    "Understanding of relation between chemical force and current at atomic scale"
  • Apostolos Kalemos - University of Athens (Greece) greece
    "On the bonding interpretation of H2SO4, HNO3, HClO4 and O3"
  • Pascal Larrégaray - Inst. Scien. Mol. - CNRS (Bordeaux, France) france
    "Rationalizing the S(1D)+H2 cold reaction dynamics using a simple semi-classical statistical model"
  • Nektarios N. Lathiotakis - Theor. and Phys. Chem. Inst., NHRF (Athens, Greece) greece
    "Approximating electronic correlations with reduced density matrix functional"
  • Celine Leonard - Lab. de Modél. Sim. Multi Echelle (France) france
    "Theoretical study of the predissociation of the A 2P states of ZnF incorporing quasi-diabatisation of the spin-orbit coupling"
  • Andrea Lombardi - Dip. di Chimica, Univ. Studi di Perugia (Italy) italy
    "Oriented collision dynamics of simple chiral molecules"
  • José I. Martínez - Dep. Fis. Teor. Mat. Cond, UAM (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Trends in metal oxide stability for nanorods, nanotubes and surfaces"
  • Emilio Martínez Nuñez - Univ. Santiago de Compostela (Spain) spain
    "Chemical dynamics simulations of Ar, CO2 and NO scattering from a perfluorinated self-assembled monolayer surface"
  • Raúl Z. Martínez Torres - Inst. Estruct. Materia, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Simulated Raman spectroscopy for the study of collisional energy transfer: Determination of rotationalstate-to-state relaxation rates in acetylene"
  • Belén Maté - Inst. Estruct. Materia, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "A study of CH4/H2O ices by infrared spectroscopy"
  • Alexander O. Mitrushchenkov - Lab. de Modél. Sim. Multi Echelle, Univ. Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (France) france
    "Electric and elastic properties of wurtzite nanowires"
  • Luis M. Molina - Dep. Fis. Teórica, Univ. Valladolid (Spain) spain
    "Ab initio studies of propene epoxidation at noble metal nanocatalysts"
  • Aurora Nogales - Inst. Estruct. Materia, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Relaxation behaviour in nanorods and nanotubes of PVDF and PVDF based ferroelectric polymers"
  • Patrick O'Keeffe - CNR-IMIP, Monterotondo Scalo, Rome (Italy) italy
    "Velocity map imaging of photoelectrons in a pump-probe experiments combinig synchrotron and laser radiation"
  • José Ortega Mateo - Dep. de Fís. Teór. Mat. Cond., UAM (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Analysis of the formation of metal/organic interfaces and nanocontacts using Density Functional Theory"
  • Bernard Pons - CELIA (Bordeaux, France) france
    "Self-consistent Bohmian description of laser-atom interactions"
  • Cristina Puzzarini - Dip. di Chim. "G. Ciamician", Univ. di Bologna (Italy) italy
    "Molecular structure determination: A testing ground for high level quantum-chemical computations"
  • Ismanuel Rabadan - UAM, (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Isotope effects in ion-atom collisions"
  • Javier Ramos - Inst. Estruct. Materia, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Simulation of folding processes of single-chain copolymers dilute solutions containing short chain branches"
  • Mirta Rodriguez - Inst. Estruct. Materia, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Periodic driving of ultracold atoms in optical lattices"
  • Nadja Sändig - Dip. Chim. "G. Ciamician", Univ. di Bologna (Italy) italy
    "Adsorption, motion and viscosity of organi molecules on gold"
  • Ángel S. Sanz - Inst. Fís. Fund., CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Bohmian mechanics: A novel tool to explore the physics and chemistry of atoms and molecules"
  • Andrea Simoni - IPR/SIMPA-UMR (Rennes, France) france
    "Ultracold atom-ion collisions: Landau quantization and scattering resonances"
  • Ignacio Sola Reija - Dep. Química Física , Univ. Complutense Madrid (Spain) spain
    "Laser driven bond lenghts with parabolic chirped pulses"
  • Stamatis Stamatiadis - Inst. Elect. Struct. and Laser, Found. for Res. and Techn.-Hellas, (Heraklion, Greece) greece
    "Automatic differentiation via operator overloading: A Fortran implementation"
  • Vicente Timón - Estación Exp. de Zaidín (Granada, Spain) spain
    "Electronic bandstructure DFT analysis of metal cations substituted in phyllosilicates"

Oral Contributions (10 mins + 5 mins questions)

  • Pedro Bargueño - Dep. Quím. Fis., Univ. Salamanca (Spain) spain
    "Subcritical temperature in Bose-Einstein condensates of chiral molecules"
  • Manuel Lara - Fac. Quím., Univ. Complutense (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Reaching the cold regime: S(1D)+H2 open shell reactive collisions and the role of long-range interactions"
  • David López-Durán - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "ASPIN: An all spin scattering code"
  • Sergio López López- Theor. Chem. Dep., Univ. Munich (Germany) Germany
    "High-dimensional system-bath quantum dynamics with selected-configurations wave functions"
  • Juan S. Medina - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid water models: Temperature dependence of viscosities"
  • Serge Monturet- Inst. Chem., Univ. Postdam (Germany) Germany
    "Electronic structure and dynamics of the vibrational relaxation of NO molecules scattered oof a gold surface"
  • James M. Oldham- Dep. Chem., Univ. Oxford (UK) UK
    "Cold state-selective ion-molecule reactions"
  • Ricardo Pérez de Tudela- IFF, CSIC (Spain) Spain
    "Path-integral Monte Carlo on atomic clusters"
  • Cristina Sanz Sanz - School of Chem., Univ. Birmingham (UK) UK
    "Dinamic Stark control of the photodissociation of IBr molecule"
  • Álvaro Valdés - Leiden Inst. Chem. (The Netherlands) Netherlands
    "Translation-rotation energy levels of one H2 molecule inside the small and medium cages of the structure H clathrate hydrate"
  • Wesley Unn-Toc - Univ. Toulouse IRSAMC-CNRS (France) France
    "Quantum dynamics at helium droplets"
  • Yang Wang - Fac. Quím., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Theoretical study on self-assembly of TCNQ adsorbed on Cu(100) surface"
  • Alexandre Zanchet - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "H2 reactivity on gold clusters"

Posters (2 mins presentations)

  • Enrique Abad - Dep. Fis. Mat. Cond., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Barrier formation and charging energy for metal/organic interfaces. From the monolayer to the sinlge molecule limit: C60/Au(111) and C6H6/Au(111)"
  • José Ramón Álvarez Collado - Dep. Quim. Fis. Aplic., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Efficient computational tools for calculating the quantum structure of large (1000-10000 electrons) un-localized macromolecular systems"
  • Dominique Appaddo - Australian Synchrotron (Clayton, Australia) australia
    "Synchrotron THz absortion spectroscopy: A high-sensivity technique to investigate molecular spectra"
  • Pedro Bargueño - Dep. Quím. Fis., Univ. Salamanca (Spain) spain
    "Subcritical temperature in Bose-Einstein condensates of chiral molecules"
  • Patricia Barragán - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "A global potential energy surface for H3+: A DFT approach"
  • Patricia Barragán - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "A realistic DFT potential energy surface of H5+ cluster"
  • Massimiliano Bartolomei - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Theoretical studies for the O2-N2 intermolecular interaction: A new potential energy surface"
  • Mª Pilar de Lara Castells - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Interaction of He with a rutile TiO2(110) surface as a prototype case to include dynamical correlation in extended systems"
  • A. Dorta-Urra - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Potential energy surface and reactive dynamics of Au2+H2"
  • Alberto García-Vela - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Femtosecond velocity map imaging experiments and wave packet calculations of CH3I photodissociation in the A-band"
  • Tomás González-Lezana - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "New ab initio potential energy surfaces for the oxygen dimer"
  • Lola González-Sánchez - Univ. Salamanca (Spain) spain
    "Stereodynamics and mechanism of the Cl+H2 reaction"
  • Yansel Omar Guerrero - PhLam, Univ. Lille1 (France) France
    "Theoretical study of the HS(v',j'=1)+O2(v''=0,j''=1) reaction"
  • Marta I. Hernández - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "A dynamical study of the O(1D)+HCl reaction"
  • Ramón Hernández Lamoneda - C. Invest. Quim., UAEMor (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
    "New ab initio potential energy surface and vibrational relaxation in NO(v)+NO collisions"
  • Ramón Hernández Lamoneda - C. Invest. Quim., UAEMor (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
    "Competition between electronic and vibrational predissociation dynamics of the NeBr2 van der Waals complex: A model study"
  • Clara Illescas - Dep. Quim. Fis., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Collisions of light ions with H2O"
  • David López Durán - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Quantum solvent states of (4He)N-Cs2(3Su+),2<N<12 clusters"
  • Maykel Márquez-Mijares - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "A quantum-mechanical approach to study rovibrational spectra of molecular trimers"
  • Aliezer Martínez-Mesa - Dep. Theor. Phys., Univ. Havana (Cuba) Cuba
    "Influence of quantum effects on the physisorption of molecular hydrogen in model carbon foams"
  • Juan S. Medina - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid water models: Temperature dependence of viscosities"
  • Jhon Pérez-Torres - Dep. Quim., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Attosecond XUV-IR lase pump-probe spectroscopy in H2/D2"
  • Rita Prosmiti - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "High-accurate potential surfaces and dynamics for He-I2"
  • Ernesto Quintas Sánchez - ISM, Univ. Bordeaux-CNRS (France) France
    "Eley-Rideal recombination of nitrogen on Tungsten(100)"
  • Alejandro Rivero-Santamaría - Inst. Sup. Tec. Cien. Apl., Havana (Cuba) Cuba
    "Dynamical study of the O(1D)+H2(vi=0,ji=0)->OH(X2P,vf,jf) reaction using the Mean Potential Phase Space theory"
  • Llinersy Uranga Piña - Phys. Fac., Univ. Havana (Cuba) Cuba
    "Quantum dynamics and ultrafast relaxation of photoexcited NO(A2S+ <- X2P) in cryogenic rare gas matrices"
  • Luis Velilla - Dep. Quim. Fis. Aplic., Univ. Autónoma (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "Long range interaction inclusion in the HeH2+ potential energy surface"
  • Alexandre Zanchet - IFF, CSIC (Madrid, Spain) spain
    "H2 reactivity on gold clusters"


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